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Forex is a simple business where you invest on the stock exchange market like either company, commodity, currency e.t.c on the rise and fall of the stock market and make profit, but you may ask isn’t that risky? and besides doesn’t one need to study and have deep knowledge of the market before investing? That’s where TradeKrafts comes in. You make an investment and we with the acquired skills of Forex trading, would trade on your behalf being safe for you so instead of you investing and loosing money, you invest with a guaranteed profit of 10% montly for 6months (if you invest $1000 in 6months time you'll have earned $600 with your capital back at the end of 6months). Forex trading is you investing or placing your money on the rise and fall of stock markets commodities and currencies. We’ve been trading Forex now for about 6 years i.e since 2013 And with all those years of trading and experience we have devised a safe means to avoid losses and make only profits Now we also want people to make good money from Forex without going through the stress of losing all their investment So what we offer is that you invest through us, sit back with trust and let your money work for you. If you’ve gone through our page you’ll know that we mean every word we say about my trading guarantee of no losses. WE MEAN BUSINESS!